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Reggae Grammy winner, Buju Banton, who after spending 10 years in United States federal prison on various drugs and conspiracy charges recently took to his Instagram account in a series of video message speaking against the wearing of mask during the ongoing pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic which has had a disastrous impact globally, to date has surpass 40 million cases; 1.13 million deaths and is steadily on the rise as well.

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The Jamaican reggae icon who has been struggling to regain and maintain mainstream musical success also spoke of Jamaicans who partake in selling their votes to politicians; Micheal Jackson & Bill Cosby various legal sagas and in the ‘truthful spiritual’ Rastafarian fashion sought to ‘liberate his people’.

According to Jamaica’s Ministry of Health and Wellness Report dated October 20th, 2020, the reggae island has reported a total of 8,445 confirmed cases, 71 of which was in the past 24 hours and almost 200 deaths. Read report here.

Watch & Listen Buju Banton Rant below.

Update Your Friends
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