Update Your Friends

As the lyrical battle begins to heat up, Popcaan seemingly throws in the towel with an apology via social media.

However, Dancehall fans as well as Mavado aren’t too fond of his actions and he’s since received severe backlash from disappointed Unruly fans as well as the Gullyside releasing a preview of Mavado’s alleged response.

Demarco claims Mavado is afraid of him

Throughout the leaked response, fans can hear an angry Mavado saying the ‘Unruly Boss’  ‘Should be afraid … Diss me? them know it risky the smallest clip a fire 50″ and the lyrical attacked prolonged.

Listen preview below;

On the other hand on Popcaan’s apology post, we see distraught fans unapologetically showing theie feelings towards Popcaan sudden regret. Comments such as; “tikki876@popcaanmusic know uself youth don’t try style people and tek up what you can’t manage fi a likkle hype, see the end of the day yuh affi apologize to the man, continue to do some go music and leave clash ting alone,” ” leon_shabakaMan u is one idiot. U have all the fans, everyone use to rate you and now you fuck it up. U had both Gully and Gaza fans plus new ones following you.. you and alkaline almost on the same level so if u should be clashing anyone it’s him. Not gully. Maybe you rate gully too much, you literally gave back Gully fans a big hype. Gaza fans feel disappointed right now.”

See Apology Post below;


Update Your Friends