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The self-proclaimed ‘Gully Gad’  has come under heavy criticism for recent actions on social media.

Mavado took to Instagram and posted a taboo image of himself compacted with a very cryptic meaning.

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The image was the popularly associated image of Jesus being surrounded by angels, however Mavado tweaked the image into his own liking, then his comment section was turnt into a frenzy.

Negativity flowed like a river with an ounce of commendations, comments ranging from of Blasphemy to being an attention seeker.

x6mad The fucking shit Dem lost.up move god lives in every one? a it,”

” destiny___destine_61: god #gullyside4life!?,”

 c.a.r.a.m.e.l.o____ @island_boii_tt He’s fucking fool bredda ??? we nah support nutten blasphemous ??‍♂️”

Mavado is currently gearing up for his performance in Dominica alognside Jahmiel Friday Oct 26th and then to New York City December 1st for his birthday party.

See more comments below.

Update Your Friends
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