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International Dancehall Superstar Mavado has released new single titled “Get Up”, reminiscing on the rougher times yet reminding listeners you can still persevere. The single, which highlights a musical side of Mavado we are familiar with yet, a side we have not heard over the past few months, is resonating well with fans as the words of the chorus gives listeners a strong reminder of self-worth. “Tell me who a Go do it fi you, tell me who a go do it fi you, Nobody Nobody”.

Known for his ability to maintain an authentic dancehall gritty sound mixed with a melodic tone, “Get Up” highlight that signature Mavado style. From the beginning of the single listeners can sing along while feeling Mavado’s heartfelt message of hope and encouragement. Throughout the single there is a consistent theme, which is -remember no one will do it for you until you do it for yourself.

Over the past few months we heard from a more aggressive Mavado who seemed to be on the defense as he found himself being a main target in dancehall among his co-workers. With numerous artists attempting to enter a lyrical battle with Mavado, fans have declared Mavado the winner at the end of the war.

When asked about his new release “Get Up” Mavado states “More time you just have to reflect on life and know say no matter where you a come from, don’t look for a hand out from anyone, only you can do it fi you-self, so Get Up, if you work, you Must Get Pay” says Mavado.

Mavado who recently headlined Howard University Homecoming event and Grio Festival in Florida, maintains a busy schedule. Set to perform in Freeport and Nassau Bahamas this weekend, Mavado is also schedule for a highly anticipated return to Trinidad on November 12th. Immediately following his Trinidad performance Mavado set to depart for the first time on the sold out Welcome to JamRock Reggae Cruise, which set sail to the island of Jamaica Monday November 14th.

Update Your Friends