Update Your Friends

Gospel Artist Mr Vegas is hitting back at Gaza fans that bashed him on Saturday after his recent interview in which he stated that Vybz Kartel is living in hell, referencing the deejay’s current situation behind bars.

The “Jesus Train” singer came under fire as many fans were reluctant to watch his full interview however proceeded to blast him online.

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“Can anyone tell me why some of the Gaza fans them so dunce and fool fool?” Vegas wrote on Instagram.

“Yes come for me! unu real dunce! Unu real gullible! Unu real lost!!!!”

“If unu so loyal, why unu nuh volunteer fi sever the time? Just go to the police and [say], u did the crime!,” He continued.

“What in this interview upsets you so much? Maybe u need to watch it with an adult,” he added.

Update Your Friends
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