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Popcaan came under fire from Dancehall fans and several industry players earlier this week after the death of DJ Niko Chromatic.

The popular dancehall selector who had been battling a kidney disease since 2015, succumbed to the illness on Tuesday evening after going to the hospital for his regular dialysis treatment.

Following the devastating news, several Dancehall insiders called out Popcaan for allegedly not providing enough support for Niko when he needed it. Niko needed US$50,000 for his treatment and approximately half of that was raised via a Gofundme account.

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Dancehall personalities Foota Hype and Tony Matterhorn have been highly critical of Niko Chromatic friends in the industry for not doing more to help save his life. In a video rant posted on social media, the two veteran disc jockeys stop short of calling Popcaan by name however it was pretty clear they were talking about the ‘Unruly Boss’.

After their Instagram live videos started to make rounds on social media, Popcaan sent out a message hitting back.

“Critics won’t Leave I alone?,” the deejay wrote with the hashtags “#MOVEMANGOOSE#POPCAANFOREVER #UNRULYSTATE”

According to sources close to the international Dancehall artiste, Popcaan did in fact help out with Niko Chromatic before his passing however never wished to broadcast it.

“Some man just guh pan live everyday a chat like dem a gal when dem don’t know the full story or what a gwan behind the scenes,” the source said.

“Popcaan offered help and gave support in many ways but kept it private because there was no need to let the world know. A nuff people the boss help but him nah guh talk.”

Update Your Friends
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