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Popcaan has grown dramatically since his debut in Dancehall and now the entertainer is rallying for change.
The ‘Unruly Boss’ Popcaan says he has evolved, and the reception from fans are great. He also explains that it’s not a change; he just grew up and wants to see change in Jamaica.

Dancehall artiste Popcaan says that currently he is far from the entertainer we first saw when he was a part of the Gaza empire.

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The “Weed is My Bestfriend” deejay says he is steadily evolving, and his fans are loving it, and for this he is grateful.

Speaking to the media after his performance at the recently held Hennessy Artistry show in Barbados, Popcaan said he knew many young people who looked up to him now, which was why he made the decision to start singing more positive music.

“I am here for a purpose, because I see so much youths’ life waste.

Popcaan is growing. I’m getting older. I am evolving. It’s a lot of hard work, you know. As time goes by and I do this thing, faults I had before I figure them out and just move on. And I’m capitalizing on it.

That’s what is making Popcaan different in these times, you know. I didn’t change; I just grew up,” the “Dream” singer told media reporters.

You have a time in life when somebody has to make a change; and me, as an influential person, I can’t sing about killing every day. So I just decide to sing some godly songs sometimes too, because I’m a spiritual person as well. I will sing more songs to advocate for change in Jamaica,” he stated.

“Sometimes by just being by yourself, you hear voices in your head. The devil finds work for idle hands, and that is the problem with a lot of our young people these days. And they end up in problems, and they end up in jail, and so on,” he added.

“As a young man, I can speak openly to them because they look up to me. If I have so much attention on me and I made it out the struggle, I can show them the way too and help them make it out of the struggle, because most youths in Jamaica and in the world die young,” he said.

Not only is Popcaan evolving in his music career, but his entire Unruly brand as well, looking to take the brand all over the world.

“Having a brand now is very nice. That was a big step for me. Starting to sign artistes and so on. That’s something I learnt from Vybz Kartel. He helped me; so I am going to help someone else. Each one help one. The Unruly brand is going very well,” he concluded.

Andre Sutherland, better known by his stagename Popcaan, is a Jamaican dancehall artist currently signed to Mixpak Records. He grew up in Portmore, Jamaica. As young as seven years old, Andre trained himself as a vocalist and performer and Popcaan continued to follow his musical calling.

Update Your Friends
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