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Dancehall artiste ‘Furtyle Brain’ was headlining the made it on the covers of Ripley’s illustrated on Monday.

Last year the artiste, in an attempted to strengthen his career implanted a pair of goat horn on his head. Furtyle, whose given name is Kenardo Robinson claims he hired a Canadian-based surgeon to perform the surgery in Jamaica – Not a surprising phenomenon for the new acts in dancehall music –  adding that  the surgery was not cheap, as well as, he experienced severe pain.

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The deejay said he was instructed by God to do the procedure.

Furtyle said, “I do believe that I got some form of prophetic instruction by God. I didn’t do this alone,” the deejay said.


Ripley’s Believe It or Not has been presenting the incredible and the unusual in illustrated form since Robert Ripley’s first “Champs and Chumps” comic published on Dec. 19, 1918.

Update Your Friends
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