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Self-proclaimed ‘Stage Show Boss’ oc Dancehall artiste Spice is addressing her current feud with Don Andre, after their beef reignited last week Friday when she dissed the artiste at on Dancehall night.

“Nuff a dem man deh a gay man, and a hide and a gwan like dem a straight man,” Spice deejays as she flipped his ‘Tom Cruise’ single.

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According to the ‘Needle Eye’ deejay, Don Andre’s screenshot is a fake.

Spice took to social media on Sunday to upload conversations with dancer Stacy Xpressionz and popular Dancehall selector Richie Feelings saying that’s how real conversations look.

She then took more jabs at Don Andre and his career while adding that fabricating conversations prove that he’s really gay.

“This is how a real WhatsApp message looks ok?. Notice it has times and date if I was talking to you from last week a beg you to perform it would look some thing like this. When Yu never go school you only can fool the idiots. You and I don’t have a combination why would I beg to perform with you on Sumfest??? . I had my own set wtf are you talking about,” Spice wrote.

Spice who claims she will not address Don Andre ever again after this says, “Now this is the only time mi ago even look pan Yu cause mi can’t buss Yu go buss the bump dem Inna u DUTTY nose.Yu see how mi work hard if Yu TINK true mi a woman Yu can jump pan me Yu make a sad mistake taking me on is like taking on 10 man try Memba that. You said what u wanted in the observer and I have no problem but don’t make up no lie pan mi that will trigger my nerves don’t try that.”

The ‘Queen of the Stage’ added that flipping songs isn’t anything new has she’s done it several times in the past, “I’ve been flipping songs ever since my career started I’ve flipped the biggest names song in this industry and every artist know say a so dem ting yah go. so sit your egotistical Ass down welcome to dancehall.”

She also took more jabs at the artiste’s sexual orientation and gave him a warning to leave her alone to save his career, “Yu is really a BATTY MAN FI TRUE bout Yu a make up text and a act like a me a text you. I know every single artist in this business why the f**k would i text you to perform with you as the lowest one are you losing your brain???. Ohh god hush mi know it bun Yu but plz save Yu career and don’t start it with me. Who knows knows who don’t just pass over this#LoveMyfans.”

Update Your Friends
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