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It is customary for recording artistes to release albums prior to travelling to Europe with the expectation that the fan base will be familiar with their music.

However, Spice, who is yet to release a debut album, says her strong performance skills work in her favour. The self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Stage’, who has toured Europe before, says she does not need an album to rock any tour.

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“Not having an album doesn’t hamper me in Europe because of my adaptability to perform on stage. I have earned the name ‘Stage Show Boss’ because I mastered the art of performing, and as such I have performed worldwide without an album. People always want to do tours with me regardless of whether I have an album or not. I use my live skills to my advantage, but for some people it would be a hindrance,” she said.

Spice is currently signed to VP Records. She released an EP in 2015 titled So Mi Like It.


Update Your Friends
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