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The Queen Of Dancehall Spice has publicly shared her disappointment about the recent grotesque behavior displayed in the beating of Kaylan Dowdie in Jamaica.

Dowdie was beaten by a group of women last Saturday night along Barbican Road. She is currently on life support at the University Hospital of the West Indies.

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Kaylan Dowdie

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Spice took to her Instagram and shared her sentiments about the situation,

Wow I’m lost for much words . How can you gang and beat someone next to death just because they look at you, “You don’t like the way she looked at you” really 🤬🤬🤬. PULL THROUGH KAYLAN BEAT THE DEVIL . The doctor says she has 1% chance to live but God can turn this into 💯 to live easily. My prayers and with you KAYLAN I’m saddened and extremely disappointed in these 6 girls JAH JAH #JusticeforKaylan

captioned Spice.

Update Your Friends
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