Update Your Friends

The self-proclaimed ‘stage show boss’ Spice took to instagram early this morning to show let her fans know she’s safe and to also issue ehr condolences to Brussels following acts of terror.


Spice left Belgium and the Brussels international airport hours before the attack.
“It’s unexplainable to just wake up and hear this. I was just in that same spot, the departure lounge yesterday. I don’t have words to explain how I feel right now, Spice told the STAR Online.
“I Was in this Airport Yesterday. Now I’m sitting at home Looking at what I missed by a few hours . Thanks be to God I’m home Safe but my heart goes out to BELGIUM. I was just there having fun with you guys and Now this,”
“My condolences to the Families who lost there Love ones. Can’t believe I missed this Bomb attack by a few Hours. God is with me.”To all my Concern Fans I’m back in JAMAICA Safe and sound. PLEASE PRAY FOR BELGIUM,” she added to Instagram

Following her announcement, evident sighs of relief and comfort could be seen sent from fans and well-wishers of the artiste.
“Glad you’re home safe. God is great,” popular comedian Elva commented.
“Knew you were in Belgium so had to check up on you ….. God is good happy your home and safe,” another said.
A clearly unsettled Spice is not sure at this point whether she can concluded her European tour as she is still scheduled for a show in Spain this weekend, The Star Reports.
“I have a show in Spain this weekend, I have to go back to Europe and I’m terrified but a number of persons have been reaching out to me, I just want them to know that I am safe,” she said.



Update Your Friends