Update Your Friends

The dancehall world is buzzing about the release of voice notes which appear to be a conversation between artiste Alkaline and his former ghost writer, Kasanova, in 2014.


In the conversation, they discuss Vybz Kartel and the Gaza, Alkaline’s increasingly weird and erratic behaviour and a balance of $150,000 owed to Kasanova for songs written for Alkaline.

According to surces of Dre1Alliance,  Kassanova stated “I didn’t leak them, but people are speculating that it came from one of Alkaline’s old phones which he said he had lost in a locker room, or maybe it was someone who had access to his phone who leaked the voice notes,”

He confirmed that the conversation in the eight-minute-long video between himself and Alkaline is real.

Alkaline’s management denies claims of the voice notes being authentic

“It is obvious that the conversations are not related in any way, it is just desperation on the part of that artiste who is best friends with the person who appeared on ER dissing Alkaline. You can hear the pause between the conversations, they don’t relate, it is just a pathetic attempt to smear Alkaline…we don’t even want to comment on it,” a member of Alkaline’s camp said.

According to Kasanova, since the leak of the voice notes, he is already feeling the backlash.

“Right now, I am getting some backlash from the video on youtube, especially from Alkaline’s Vendetta fans, but slowly but surely, even some of them are jumping on my side, saying that the advice I gave him about dissing Vybz Kartel was true, and the part about his weird behaviour,” he said.

Kasanova, whose real name is Aeriel McIntosh, and Alkaline both attended Ardenne High School together and were close friends.

“All of us were friends, Mr. Morrison of Cahban Records, and who was our musical teacher at Ardenne invested 3 million in his career. He let the money, and the hype, and the waste girls change him. His pride and arrogance will be his downfall. Me did have to cut him off because his morals are different from mine, him ah say some things mi no agree with,” he said.

He speaks on a major issue as to why he felt the need to part ways.

“We actually discussed it and say we were going to say we ah gwaan run off the place till Vybz Kartel return. We are huge Kartel fans, we have always been, but he switched it up and said he is going to ‘morph’ into the new Kartel and take his place, and that caused a big friction with me, because it never feel right,” he said.

Asked if these revelations stemmed from the bitterness over the $150,000 Alkaline allegedly owed him to ghost-write some of his songs, Kasanova said:

“No, I am not bitter. Mi a ghetto youth, he didn’t pay me the 150 k and that’s why mi drop outta Mico College. I am not butter, this is just part of life, we were best friends growing up, but I cut the link when I realised that he let the hype get to him and he dissed Mr. Morrison, and then Notnice. Mek him crash and burn.”



Update Your Friends