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Fast- rising female recording artiste Starface defends herself against comments she made on popular entertainment programme ‘On Stage.’

Starface came out and bluntly blasted Spice for not showing, what she believes, is not enough support or form of mentorships for upcoming acts such as herself.

Starface then added that it’s a strategy vets used to hinder the progression of artistes they believe will attain their level of success and possibly surpass them.

Ce’cile on the other hand took matters into her own hands and launched attacks at Starface in defense of The ‘Queen Of Stage’ Spice.

She took to Instagram and captioned an image of herself saying, ” Sigh….sigh..sigh..maybe i talk too much. But as someone who loves my culture..has been more involved in every aspect of music..more so than most women..and im almost sure many of you dont know im a producer, songwriter, studio manager as well as Recording Artist (go research it) and as someone who was so intent on helping women thrive in this industry it hurt me heart to see a female go on an interview and try disrespect another female especially in an insidious, venomous, unnecessary, retarted way. i just saw the STUPIDEST THING, AND i know its hard to get on tv in jamaica,” She wrote. “Most of you dont even know most things u do here is unnecessary anyways (thats another story) but im saying to you young upcoming females. HAVE SOME F***ING RESPECT. RESPECT THE PPL WHO A STAR AND WHO BEEN THERE BEFORE YOU..PAVING THE WAY FOR U TO TRY..TRY..TRY AND HOPE AND PRAY SAY THE SAME CAN HAPPEN FOR YOU. AND IF U RESPECT YOURSELF AND YOUR OWN TALENT YOU WILL FREELY GIVE RESPECT WHERE ITS DUE BECAUSE ONE DAY WHEN YOUVE BUILT YOUR LANE U GONNA WANT TO BE SHOWN THE SAME RESPECT”

See Starface’s response to Ce’cile.



Update Your Friends