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NYC based Dancehall/Reggae recording artiste Sulfa, breaks his silence on the recent spike in violence now plaguing Jamaica’s Women and children.

It’s now no secret that the current condition of violence against women and children in jamaica is at a very deplorable state. The recent increase in domestic violence against women and murder of women and young girls in the Caribbean, (especially Jamaica and Trinidad),  compelled New York City based Dancehall recording artist Sulfa to hit the studio and air his concerns, comments, pain and outrage surrounding these horrendous crimes.

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Sulfa attempts to connect to listeners by creating vivid imagery many families are currently facing due to the unspeakable action of these perps. Through witty and melodical delivery, Sulfa reach shares numerous painful crime scenarios, emphatetic catch phrases and devastating scenarios he wouldn’t wish upon any female members of his enemies.

The single ‘Save Our Women,’ was produced by British Linkz Inc, portrays the lyrical prowess of Sulfa, given name Leslie Ennever possesses. Sulfa is  more popular for his more aggressive approach with tracks like, ‘Tired Fi Live Abroad’, ‘Bwoy Dem Fi Know’, ‘My Level.’ To Sulfa it is of utmost importance to use his talent to bring awareness to the fore front of his music, especially when it endangers vulnerable women and children.

“I’m heart-broken every time access the the mobile apps or official websites of credible media outlets in Jamaica and all i see are gruesome images. This needs to stop.  ” stated a distraught Sulfa.

Stream ‘Save Our Women’ below + free download.

Update Your Friends
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