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Recently, Canadian Rapper Tory Lanez says he’s number 1 in Jamaica, however Dancehall and OVO affiliate Popcaan strongly disagrees and displays it publicly.

Lanez, given name  Daystar Peterson, who celebrated his 24th birthday on Wednesday took to social media to share the news with his fans.

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However, the rapper faced severe backlash from the Dancehall community, Jamaicans and even jamaican celebrities, Popcaan to be exact. The ‘Unruly Boss’ commented under the post seemingly saying Lanez is talking BS about being Number 1 in his island, via popular emoji used to represent feces.

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In more recent activities with the Canadian rapper, he’s retracted his statement and written an explanation via his Instagram account to “clarify” the misunderstanding with his post and Dancehall lovers.

Lanez stated he meant he was the, “No. 1 Shazammed artist in Jamaica.” However, some aren’t buying it because he mention anything about Shazam in his original post.

Update Your Friends
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