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The ‘My Success,’ singer Vershon is once again at the center of controversy as he allegedly fled for his safety to avoid direct contact with Mavado and his entourage.

Both parties reportedly crossed paths at the Norman International Airport in Jamaica, where a member of Mavado’s entourage spotted the ‘Queffa’.

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Eye-witnesses claim the entourage member yelled, “P*ssy Hope You Can Back You Chat !”

Witnesses then added, Vershon immediately ran frantically to the exit and entered a nearby taxi-operated vehicle, leaving behind his luggage and BMW.

There are currently no video/photographic evidence of the incident only Dancehall Insiders and eyewitnesses who claimed the to have seen the incident transpire.

See Eyewitnesses Comments Below.

@nie_keiraI can confirm this is true ????? #wastemam

  • sawdissIt’s true him run like surfferi when meek pull up

Update Your Friends
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