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Vershon is refuting reports that he was jumped by Mavado’s entourage over the weekend.

Rumours started circulating earlier this week that the ‘My Success’ singer and the ‘Gully Gad’ were both at the Norman International Airport in Jamaica, when a members of Mavado’s crew spotted him.

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Vershon was allegedly attacked by entourage members however he ran frantically to the exit and entered a nearby taxi leaving behind his luggage. However ‘Di Dealer’ is just laughing at the rumours saying his haters just wants to drain his energy.

Vershon Reportedly Flees For Safety After Sighting Mavado At Norman Manley Airport

“Wen you a rise people always find ways to try drain your energy, yu just afi stay focus yah man!,” he wrote on his Instagram account. “Mama always tell mi seh “if yu not gonna be a solution don’t be a problem… So with all the rumors dem spreading ma do like me nuh hear cause mi have people weh look up to me! So me a be the Humble one … ?,” he added.

Update Your Friends
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