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When Romieikon opted to release the ‘Beat Zinc Fence’ rhythm, he did so with the intention of using the release to refute claims that Dancehall had lost its authenticity and core sound.

The young digital marketer/producer and his team put together a beat influenced by 90’s Dancehall but with tracks from only young entertainers.

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Featured on the compilation are Kacique, Deeclef, Sekklez, CMonii and Devin Di Dakta.

When asked about the rhythm he said ” I wanted to prove that much can be achieved with little. I used the younger generation of Dancehall artistes for the rhythm’s initial release and with just five young artistes I was able to draw the attention of major industry players. Diego Herrera, one of the leading music curators at Pandora picked up the beat on his radar and was so impressed that Pandora featured the entire compilation on their New Dancehall Now playlist”

” For me, this is a huge deal for Dancehall on the basis that only major artistes are able to attain this feature and Beat Zinc Fence got it with just young artistes. To add to that, Sekklez peaked at #31 with her single Woiee on the Reggae iTunes Israel charts and I am deeply proud of everyone who continues to push this project ” he added.

Devin Di Dakta’s single, “Pretty Pretty”, awarded the Grammy nominated artiste two major covers at Pandora while garnering thousands of streams though the single is currently exclusively available on Pandora.

Since debuting the rhythm, Romieikon has made additions in a bid to broaden the reach of the project.

As far as star potential goes, Romieikon saw it in New York Dancehall artiste Goal Digga and vetted her for a spot on the compilation.

“Hot Topic” also shares Pandora’s exclusivity perk in addition to landing the company’s “Dancehall Discovery” cover.

If ‘Beat Zinc Fence’ wasn’t making enough noise, Dovey Magnum definitely made her ‘Statement’ clear in her single to close out the now seven track project.

A snippet of the single was released on social media where she briefly addresses ICE rumours and it immediately went viral sending social media users into to a wave of anxiety awaiting it’s official release.

The complete Project will be available on all major digital streaming platforms on June 30th with a surprise feature from one of Jamaica’s finest songbirds.

Update Your Friends
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