When referring to undeniable charismatic energy onstage, Paille is often called for.

The UFO of the Caribbean Music scene is a Martiniquan artist who is gifted with remarkable talent and astrong career.His namerelatesto the Straw-hat he always displays.

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Not only has he been into the scene for 15 years, he also lent his work to collaborations with some renown artists such as Anthony B, Konshens, the legendary KASSAV and lately with Jamaican 2019 Grammy nominee Etana.

This genius of fast style gained a foothold into the Francophone Dancehall scene over the years, by being a spectacular songwriter always referring to political and societal matters to make his greatest hits:

Derision and lucidity are the perfect match for him. Paille never settles for mediocrity and remains relevant when writing his music: he embodies the killer rhyme that makes everyone embracing the realness of today’s society’s struggles.

This multi-tasker wears several hats as he often conducts his music videos which feature some eccentric backgrounds.

Never will you see him surrounded by vixens or showing off tattoos and muscles: he definitely stands far from the usual standards for dancehall artists.

Apart from writing entertaining and yet provocative songs, he remains a huge live show aficionado alongside with The Red Tie Band.

The crew have hit several notable stages such as Le Cabaret Sauvage in Paris orThe Volubilis Festival in Morocco, places where dancehall music has gigantically gained recognition.

He has frequently appeared on the French press such as Le Nouvel Obs, just to name a few, where he is portrayed as an unprecedented lyricist.

The “Run di Town”singers on the go to bridging the gaps and gathering his Caribbean neighbors around his music.

Just as his appearance during Dancehall Paradise Festival in Columbia: “it was all about energy and vibe,” where the interaction was not quite altered by the language barrier.

Over the years,Paille Has Imposed himself as being an indisputable showman, getting the crowd to enjoy his tunes to the fullest.

Four albums, over a hundred tour dates and a number one song in the Itunes World Music Chart later, the Martinique-born and raised artist continues to gain recognition for his art and is definitely on to the next big step: Getting the world to know his work

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Romario English, known professionally as Romieikon, is a Jamaican dancehall influencer, producer, recording artist and songwriter. Beginning his career in the latter years of the 2000 decade, where he pursed being a disco-jock under the moniker 'DJRomiie' while attending Cornwall College high school in Montego-Bay St James.