Buju Banton is now making rounds on social media over his comments on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and refusal to wear a mask.

The Grammy-winning entertainer took to his Instagram account on Wednesday blasting the Government of Jamaica for making mask wearing mandatory.

“We wan done wid this mask wearing bullsh_t inna Jamaica,” Banton said in his first video, “Who fi dead aguh dead and who nah guh dead just affi guh live,” he continued.

“We are tired of these intellectual fools trying to tell us how to live our lives, if you are so smart why haven’t you found the cure for cancer?” the “Blessed” signer questioned.

After questioning the financial contribution the government has made to individuals who have lost their jobs since the start of the pandemic, Banton doubled down on his anti-mask wearing stance.

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“Jamaican people need fi wake up! and mi done wid the f__kery,” he echoed, “Mi nah wear no mask, because mask nuh mek fi man,” Banton added before chanting freedom for the Jamaican people.

In a follow-up post Buju Banton said we should not trust the government and they should wake up, he also called out the Jamaican people who he alleged ‘sold their votes’ in the last general election held on Thursday, 3 September.

Buju Banton video comes after Jamaica recorded 71 new cases of the novel coronavirus in the last 24 hours.

The country’s total confirmed COVID-19 cases now stand at 8,445, of which 4,142 are active.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness also reported that 14 more patients have recovered from the virus. This brings the country’s total recoveries to 4,016.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 infections worldwide has surpassed 40.8 million, with over 1.1 million people across 196 countries and territories having died and over 28 million having recovered from the virus.

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