Dancehall Artiste Skillibeng

Dancehall artiste Skillibeng recently found out that he is not the biological father for the child has been raising.

Social media is buzzing with reports that the Brik Pan Brik deejay, real name Emwah Warmington was given a ‘jacket’ by his ex-girlfriend.

According to sources close to Skillibeng, the entertainer found out that he was not the father after he took the child and conducted a DNA test by himself.

Skillibeng DNA test results via Pinkwall/Instagram

Skillibeng reportedly posted a cryptic message on social media after finding out the truth to which his ex-girlfriend responded via her Instagram story saying that she was not innocent when they met and he knew it.

According to her, when they met she already was in a relationship and Skillbeng had no problems with that, “I was a b___h when he met me now what is the excitement for though???,” she questioned. “A woman is always wrong, man too innocent right!.”

“We woman bring down each other or i guess it’s because a leshii this the most hated female right now,” She continued.

She added that she never forced the deejay to accept her child as his own and Skillibeng willingly signed the birth certificate, while taking jabs at him, “Bwoy my baby too sweet caz maybe if a did yours him would a ugly,” she wrote.

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Recent studies show that the number of Jamaican men on the receiving end of paternity fraud—or as Jamaicans say, “getting ‘jacket’”—at least once is on the rise. Dr. Herbert Gayle, leading Anthropologist at the University of the West Indies, revealed in a 2016 study that some 25 percent of Jamaican men are unknowingly raising children that are not biologically theirs. And while Jamaicans for decades have viewed this in a somewhat humorous way, the problem is no laughing matter.

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