Dovey Magnum has declared COVID-19 as the artiste of the year.

Although there have been several debates on who was the top act for 2020 Dovey says it was none other ‘Miss Rona’.

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According to the “Bawl Out” star, debates are meaningless at this point as there was only one winner. “We already survived f–king corona, that’s the breakthrough a di year, that’s the artiste of the bloodcl–t year, corona.”

Dovey’s comments were made after addressing an angry rant made by a Alkaline fan page. She commented on the rant while interacting with fans on Instagram Live last Saturday.

The page told The Jamaica Observer to “s**k unuh madda” while adding, “Nah tek back da chat deh eeda. Been a joke paper.” Ironically, the article in question was actually written by The Gleaner.

The fan’s frustration was seemingly due to Amari’s “Neko” being placed over Alkaline’s Ocean Wave.

While Magnum found humor in the page’s response said claims industry-assigned titles shouldn’t matter.

“It nuh matter,” she said. “Mi nuh watch dem sometimes cause if unno really check the levels, from my bills pay and mi alright, a dah level deh unno haffi look pon life and just continue do music and do unno ting.”

She went on to declare that artiste shouldn’t feel robbed as everyone has their day regardless of accolades.

Dovey Magnum

“When mi first get my hit song (Bawl Out), just like weh yuh see a gwaan right now fi other artistes as breakthrough artiste or young artiste, I was that so everybody have dem seasons and dem time,” she said. “I remember everything, top artiste a di year, breakthrough artiste, song a di year, all a dem tings deh wid Bawl Out so it’s just a cycle so if another artiste come from outta nowhere or somebody else come so and grab a hit song…it’s gonna be like that so people cya really watch di stigma a dem ting deh. A dem ting deh mash up music and mash up di friendship with people… Di whole a we a great artiste inna we own different way. Some people just haffi get outta dem f–king horse sh-t.”

Amid these statements, Dovey also congratulated Shenseea on her recognition for a strong 2020.

According to the deejay, she doesn’t care about titles, instead she is focusing on her career. She revealed that she has big plans in store as she intends to reshuffle her brand following a difficult 2020.

“When mi done do weh mi a do, trust me, unno a go proud a me,” she said. “Me a go protect my clout…just everything a switch up; mi music, all a dat… Y’all see how mi put on so much weight? The revenge body is coming… When mi go suh go work pon my revenge body, mi a work pon mi revenge hair, revenge skin, revenge body overall.”

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