Dancehall artiste I Waata is owning up to his mistakes and has issued a public apology to Pretty Pretty.

Despite dating for over a decade, the JettLife deejay cheated on Pretty Pretty and got a newborn baby.

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In a post uploaded to his Instagram account on Monday, I Waata said the former Team Spice dancer will always be his no matter the situation.

“nuh matter what happen u ago always be fimimimi an this is not a media thing u deh deh fimi b4 me even have a name nuff f**kry me do an u look over dem an me rate an respect u 1000%,”

Wrote I-Waata

“Mimi knw u feel cut up an hurt but me knw fi sure we can fix this sorry fi bring u down pon d media like this still bby but nah watch r listen d crowd me see bigger Dan we f**k up an dem fix back dem life cause NOBODY NUH PERFECT ❤️,”

He continued

Photos of I Waata with his love child and new baby mama went viral on Sunday which forced Pretty Pretty to delete all her photo on Instagram.

I Waata later went live on Instagram to confirm the rumours. “Dem send mi picture over Stinkwall zeen, a mi son,” he said. “Mi love mi son and the world know mi love Mimi don’t? A fi mi Mimi enuh, all if Mimi feel like seh she a nuh fi mi Mimi, a fi mi Mimi and unno know that.”

“Bredda mi nuh live fi media…a one real life something and mi nah diss mi youth and mi nah diss mi babymother and mi nah diss Mimi. A unno a dweet and unno fi just hold out and gwaan cause some a unno a do bare f**kery and a hide. Mi know seh she hurt and ting but some a unno fi go suck unno madda,” he continued.

While stating that no one is perfect, he also urged people not to harass Pretty Pretty online. “Lowe Mimi alone, weh unno a try bring dung di girl fah?” he asked. “A whole a unno inna dem seh situation deh. A just true me a artiste unno waan fling it and Mimi a artiste and dancer unno waan fling it everywhere.”

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