Minister Marion Hall has reacted to backlash over a recent photo she shared on social media.

The Gospel star, formerly known as Lady Saw, addressed critics who thought her v-neck blouse flaunted too much cleavage.

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Lady Saw

“I just wanna do this short video to address the comments that I heard some of you judging me because I have some cleavage,” she declared. “I can’t help myself baby girls, I can’t help myself baby boys. God is the one who create this body and guess what? I can’t do anything about what God bless me with. If God bless me with some boobs, then I got some boobs. Sometimes I’m preaching they fall, they jump out. Can I stop that? No, because God has enhanced me naturally.”

Minister Marion’s comments come after some social media users suggested that she was ‘backsliding.’ However, the evangelist has clapped back saying she dressing according to the occasion.

“I can’t be covered every day, I’m in Miami, it’s hot in Miami,” she said. “You won’t see me on the road in the big hats that you see me preaching in and the long dresses. If I dress like that you say I look old. I wear shorts and I wear skirts, not way up but I wear skirts. I got tattoos, yeah, I got a few a them so what can I do? I can’t please you baby.”

“If you know me by now you would know that I don’t care what they say about me, you don’t have the keys to heaven so you can’t stop me if I’m going or not… I’m so blessed and I love my body… I’m a sexy Christian; I like to dress sexy under my clothes. My lingerie line is Lavish by Marion Marie (laughs). Love me or hate me, I don’t care,” she continued.

Many of her fans were seemingly in support of her stance as many took to social media to back the star.

“You don’t need to explain anything. What you are wearing has nothing to do with the work you’re doing for Christ,” one fan declared. Another fan added, “Her entire attire was very nice and modest, some people just thrive off being negative.”

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