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Dancehall Act Intence, o.c Tashawn Gabbidon is currently in an intense standoff with the Jamaica Defense Force following a now viral image of himself.

Intence was pictured decked out in Jamaica Defence Force’s (JDF) uniform and it did not sit well with the commission.

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The image has amassed over 30,000 likes on the artiste’s IG account and a slew of comments, however Intence has since deleted the evidence following news of a pending investigation.

Intence, wearing the uniform is punishable by law under Jamaica’s Defence Act, and could see the entertainer along with the owner of the digital combat uniform (DCU) being fined and possibly facing some jail time.

“Look here, that man (Intence) has to go to prison! Prison! And anybody who gave it to him, prison! That uniform is supposed to be worn by JDF soldiers only. And they need to hold him, rub him and make him tell them where he got the uniform from. It is simple. Because obviously someone gave it to him… maybe one of those guys that they dismissed kept the uniform. It is criminal to wear the army uniform, right,” a senior military officer told Dancehall Magazine.

See image below

Intence in JDF Uniform

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