Majah Hype has finally broken his silence on the allegations that he abused his wife Latisha Kirby.

The popular comedian went Live on Instagram Friday afternoon and denied beating his former lover, days of damaging allegations surfaced online.

“I still have love for Kirby today,” Majah Hype told the viewers during his IG Live.

While denying her claims that he physically abused her during their relationship, the comedian said “I have no reason for that. I am not a woman beater and I never thought about being a woman beater.”

Majah Hype revealed that he was the real victim in the situation, “I warning every man out there, don’t allow women to hit you, don’t let women subject you to being abused,” he said.

 “Any man that has been in Kirby’s life will be able to tell you that she thrives over confrontation. Yall don’t know who Kirby is, yall only know her as Majah Hype’s Fiancee. You know Kirby because I introduced the world to her,” he continued.

Majah Hype confirmed that he did go through Kirby’s old phone, however denied leaking her sex tape which surfaced hours after she made the accusations.

“I know Kirby has a son, no way in the world would I release any video of her in a compromising position, not only would it make her look bad, it makes me look bad,” he said. 

The Comedian also blasted his fans who believed that he had abused Kirby and dragged him on social media, “For you people to come on here and second guess my love for Kirby and judge what I have done in my relationship. The nerve of you people. Yall need to check yall self because everybody go through situations… Molestation is not a a joke, I wanted to have this conversation with my sons and my family but we here now…for yall to come on here and disrespect me and my family.”

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