Living Dancehall legend Mavado has recently rekindled the relationship with his former manager, Julian Jones-Griffith. Together, the business partners have begun work on a third album.

In an interview with The Star, the deejay says he will be sealing the trilogy and giving his fans what they have been asking for.

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“Everyday mi fans dem ask for another album, so we are going to give it to them this year. I want to make my third album another masterpiece to seal the trilogy, yuh know. Me never run down the music or always try to be the hottest, and people know the level me reach, which me maintain over the years and dem know when me step out a serious supm. Longevity we deal with – one of the hardest things to do in music,” the Cassava Piece native shared.

In relation to the new song the sing-jay said; “Is really just me a look pon mi life and where me a come from and where mi reach, and to inspire every ghetto youth to go fi dem dreams and goals and nuh mek nobody tell yuh nutting. Me come from the ‘Gully’, wah people woulda call areas of poverty and crime, but me work hard and live mi life how mi want and mek sure mi put wah mi have to good use, ah dat mi wah inspire the youth dem to do,” he told The Star.

Mavado’s previous album, Mr. Brooks: A Better Tomorrow was released on March 9, 2009. The 17 track compilation produced the hits So Special, Overcome, So BlessedOn The Rock, and Money Changer. 

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