Elephant Man

Dr Leahcim Semaj says Jamaican entertainers have a civic duty to be responsible amid the corona crisis.

The Psychologist has called on the government to send a powerful message to entertainers. His statement follows investigations into claims Elephant Man mislead immigration officers about his travel history.

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“They will have to apply pressure. If he is found guilty, it is important that he is punished duly to ensure the society sees that certain people cannot get away with anything. A strong message needs to sent,” he said.

According to Semaj, Dancehall music makes it easier for entertainers to go against the norms.

“Because of the nature of the music, it is very rebellious. So to really act out, makes you seem cool and is accepted when things are normal, but things are not normal now,” he explained.

“They are very influential people, so it is very important for them to display more social responsibility, especially in this time,” Semaj told the Jamaica Observer.

Elephant Man got in hot water after this week after returning from Amsterdam. The entertainer had also traveled to Berlin, which is significantly affected by the virus.

On Thursday, Elephant Man issued a video apology for the “misunderstanding” at the airport.

“I really, really, really, sincerely apologise to the staff of at the Sangster International Airport and the Minister of Health and the people of Jamaica. I also want to apologise for any misunderstanding for the way I incorrectly completed the form.” He continued by saying; “I actually put the last country I landed in, as opposed to all the countries I landed in the last six weeks. Sorry fi dat, drop asleep, yuh done know. I have spoken to the authorities and I am now self-quarantined at home,” he explained.

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