RDX Speaks on Jamaica’s high court ruling which says school can ban dreadlocks.

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As Jamaican’s both locally and abroad celebrate their islands independence, the nation’s supreme court in a historic and unprecedented move has sparked controversy in a recent ruling.

On the eve of the celebrations, Jamaica high court ruled that a school was within its rights to demand that a girl cut her dreadlocks to attend classes, a surprise decision that touched on issues of identity and one the most recognizable symbols of the island’s Rastafarian culture.

The ruling by the Supreme Court of Jamaica capped a two-year battle after the girl — then 5 years old — was told she must cut her dreadlocks for “hygiene” reasons to study at Kensington Primary School in a Kingston suburb.

The British Linkz team spoke with Delomar from RDX and this is what he had to say:

“If they ban dreadlocks from school then they better ban Religious Education from schools aswell because you cant ban one religion then teach another. How does a child locks affect the school system??? Well ive been waiting for something like this to reach the rastafarian community doorstep to see now if it will ignite back the fire cause rasta dem a lose them purpose to society and maybe thats the reason the schools can take this big approach.

Rastafarian has now becomes a image not a lifestyle and dreads are now using the real rastafari ancestors hard work to make money and a mockery of the culture. Where are the leaders and teachers? Ive been teached by rasta in my early days and im somewhat controlled by that teachings even today but our new generation know nothing about rastafarian culture Nothing!!!! I dont agree with schools canceling dreadlocks from schools but i can understand because the schools themselves dont know where that culture is going and theres nobody to share the culture to make it grow so what do we expect. Reason for me wanting it to stay in schools its because once you get that out the schools then your basically ending the little thats left of the culture that the few genuine rasta out there without a voice can hold on to”, Delomar stated.

Stay tuned as we share more updates on the trending issue.

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