Leshii Beng, the ex-girlfriend of Skillibeng is now speaking her truth after news surfaced that the Dancehall artiste was not the father of her child.

Social media has been buzzing with reports that the Brik Pan Brik deejay, real name Emwah Warmington was given a ‘jacket’ by Leshii.

According to sources close to Skillibeng, the entertainer found out that he was not the father after he took the child, Emwah Warmington Jnr, and conducted a DNA test by himself.

Shortly after the news broke, Leshii Beng uploaded a lengthy video on YouTube sharing her side of the story. “When him meet mi him did know seh mi have a man, and don’t get it twisted, see when mi and him deh, him never buss…,” she said. “When mi did have my man, mi tell him, mi mek him know…and him never care. Him did still a come to me… Everyday him come over mi yard, we flex, run wi joke til we get close.”

Leshii Beng added that she initially didn’t want to keep the child however had a change of heart when Skillibeng shutdown the idea of an abortion.

At the entertainer’s request, she said that she even did a second test to confirm her pregnancy. After that, things were fine with them.

According to her, the E-syde deejay suddenly stopped sending her money and was giving her the cold shoulders. Subsequently he was persuaded by friends to a DNA test which he did.

Leshii said was not upset that Skillibeng had the test done, however was livid that he did it behind her back as it should’ve been kept between them. She also revealed that she is yet to receive the DNA results from him and only saw the report on social media.

“Him never get the jacket, him tek the jacket. Mi never pin down nuh baby pon him, a him pin down the baby pon himself. So if him nuh know or feel the baby a fi him, him shouldn’t tek care of it. From the first day him come dung a the hospital him shoulda she: ‘Lesh, me a do it yah so’. But him never do it, him mek him friend dem boost him fi do it.”

“Him a nuh di first fi get jacket, but if yuh know seh yow, rae, all yuh haffi do a come to me and mek we go do it. Simple as that. Cuss mi, deal wid mi a way, and we deal wid it and the argument done. A nuff people deal wid it and nobody nuh know up til now. But now yuh waan come pon social media fi bring me down when yaa bring down yourself too cause yuh deh weh yuh deh and feel a way,” she continued

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