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New York based Dancehall artiste Skip Da Line is enjoying the spoils of his hard labor digitally.

His 2020 release entitled ‘Thicc’ has recently experienced a surge in listenership after a rebranding was done by the entertainer and he uploaded the single to his official Audiomack profile.

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The single which is self produced within 24hrs landed itself a ‘trending’ spot and has racked up a total of 19,000 streams within two weeks.

Stream single below.

More About Skip Da Line

Donovan Nelson got his introduction into the industry through photography, by making himself a household within the entertainment circuit of New York City.

Donovan created his own photography company entitled,™ He then got to work by capturing photographs and footage at various prominent Dancehall oriented events, which in time transformed into live performances and major Caribbean concerts.

Donovan took this opportunity to network and create connections with premiere artists, entertainment personalities, DJ’s & Industry agents.

Thus the formation of Skip Da Line, who then conceptualized and made into actuality, arguably his most popular to date “Get High

Watch “Get High” Below.

The record amassed over 60,000 + streams across all major music platforms. Skip Da Line then continued to erfect his craft and dropped more recent releases including; “Love Yuh Body,” “Summer Gyal,” & “Quit”.

Stream more singles from Skip Da Line Here.

Update Your Friends
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