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Queen Of Dancehall Spice has just moments ago conducted a heartfelt address to her fans about various blackmagic rumors.

Spice addresses black magic rumors, confronts her ex-dancer DHQ Danger and father of her children Nicholas Lall in relation to rapist allegations and she also explains why there will always be detractors in her life.

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Watch video here.

RT Boss earlier this week, urged his followers to follow a YouTube channel which he said would be publishing some of his receipts. “Some of my receipts will be posted here everyone can speak negative of me but my receipts will speak for itself video will be uploaded within the next 24hrs …. I am always on point I only speak facts ungratefulness cause me to speak out,” he continued.

During his Facebook live session, RT Boss called out Spice for being bad mind and ungrateful. The Spiritual Advisor claims he was fundamental in turning the “I Feel A Way” singer into the Queen of Dancehall and they had a deal that she would in return help him with his musical career which she failed to honour.

Update Your Friends
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