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The Queens of Dancehall took some time our of her hectic schedule to address a very pressing issue involving her Spice Gang collective & live performances

Spice posted a video approximately 45 seconds in duration explaining a huge concern involving her live performances, the queen in evident frustration pleaded with her beloved Spice Gang fans to provide her with adequate space to deliver an outstanding performance.

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She quickly expounded on issues the average fan may not take into consideration while experiencing overwhelming anxiety to approach, greet or embrace her. However, the queen says this is NOT an excuse to disrupt her while working.

See below to see the now viral post made by QOD Spice.

Spice and her Team Spice Dancers travel to Fort Lauderdale FL for a live stage performance for her Spice Gang collective.

Spice, DHQ’s Tahirew & Cookie, Selector Hotta Rice was in high spirits as they travelled to bring a memorable show for the highly anxious patrons on the grounds of South Mangonia Park.

See top highlights below

Update Your Friends
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