The Queen Of Dancehall Spice, isn’t here for any form of negativity; no black magic, no obeah!

Spice took to her social media platform to let it be known to her followers she didn’t indulge in any form of black magic and never will after being accused by her former friend / spiritual advisor RT.

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She posted a series of videos, which are allegedly the voice of RT Nardo Smith, in a rather compromising audio clip which is she uses in her defense to refutes his claims.

Dancehall Queen Spice

Spice captioned the videos;

“One Thing You Can’t Say I Never Indulge In Your Obeah Talks Nor Obeah A Soul”

She then added,

“Mi no work obeah no time at all, A God My Thing Deh Period ttt”

She concluded with;

“I’m my Own prayer warrior and this too shall pass you can never, ever, ever, release a voice note wid me a speak evil on no one”

Watch the clip.

Spiritual Advisor/Recording artiste RT Nardo Smith who is better known as the ‘RT Boss’, is dishing out some tea about his alleged client Spice.

In a series of posts with Spice uploaded to his Instagram account over the weekend, RT Boss wrote, “My Cup is full and I’m tired of being swept under the carpet I’m the real man behind Spice aka Grace Hamilton from 2011 – 2019.”

He also urged his followers to follow a YouTube channel which he said would be publishing some of his receipts,

“Some of my receipts will be posted here everyone can speak negative of me but my receipts will speak for itself video will be uploaded within the next 24hrs …. I am always on point I only speak facts ungratefulness cause me to speak out,” he continued.

During his Facebook live session, RT Boss called out Spice for being bad mind and ungrateful.

The Spiritual Advisor claims he was fundamental in turning the “I Feel A Way” singer into the Queen of Dancehall and they had a deal that she would in return help him with his musical career which she failed to honour

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