The Queen Of Dancehall, Spice took to instagram to share a flashback video to her iconic single ‘Black Hypocrisy’ that was released three (3) years ago in the fight against colorism in the US.

She captioned the image;

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“Black women you are beautifully made 💙💙💙I’m black without apology. “Proud a mi color love mi pretty black skin , respect due to mi strong melanin”✊🏿 HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH 🙏🏾 #BlackHypocrisy Tag a black woman below and tell them something”

“I have a dream that one day black women will start supporting each other, rather than bashing each other,” she said in a skit at the beginning of the video. She was speaking from a podium while a group of dark skin women looks on while cheering her on. “Ladies, never forget that you’re beautiful, lovely, attractive, courageous, and kind. I am dripping melanin with honey. I am black without apology.”

The lyrics of the song “Black Hypocrisy” cuts straight through the heart of a serious issue within the black community, particularly in Jamaica where skin bleaching is very rampant.

“It’s not what you expect me to say, but am gonna go ahead and say it anyway, because I was told that I would reach further, if the color of my skin was lighter, and I was made to feel inferior, cuz society say brown girls prettier,” Spice sings.

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