Montego Bay-based dancehall artist Unknown Gringo has emerged out of the recent challenges faced by the entertainment industry a stronger and more focused artiste.

“The pandemic slowed me up a lot, I lost a lot of shows and now things just gwaan warm up again so it is great to know that people are feeling my music,  I am writing and recording a lot of new songs, so mi ah go hot up eeh Summer,” he said.

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He released a new single ‘Area Code’, on his own  Desconocido Music label two weeks ago which he has been promoting aggressively on social media sites on Instagram and Tik Tok. The trap dancehall banger makes the usual obeah references to human sacrifices, unbridled drug use, and of course, ‘banging e line’ and accumulating bricks of cash.

“I will be shooting the visuals for the song next week because the feedback has been so positive on social media, big ups to my fans for reposting the link online, the song has over 7,000 streams so far,” he said.

He is booked to appear on a show called Stunt Madness on August 21 at the Trelawny Multi-Purpose stadium alongside artistes like Shane E.

Unknown Gringo is pleased to have surpassed a major milestone in his career as he has racked up over one million streams on popular streaming platform, Audiomack.

“The pandemic gave me a chance to streamline my catalogue and solidify my online brand , so right now, my streaming numbers are strong, and that I have achieved one millions streams on a major platform like Audiomack,”he said.

Unknown Gringo used to go by the name ‘No Face Unknown’, and wore a mask when he scored a popular hit with the single, Tank Up. The deejay, who was raised in Flankers, made his Reggae Sumfest debut in 2019, a performance which he says earned a new fan base and increased his following. He is not booked to appear this year.

“Next year, mi ah go ready fi dem, mi just ah go activate some new songs fi the new year,” Unknown Gringo said.

He is putting the finishing touches on his The Return of the Unknown Gringo, EP which will stray from his hardcore style.

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