A Women’s Rights activist has called out Dancehall artiste Intence over his recent “Pickachu” music video.

The deejay recently sent tongues wagging with the opening scene of his “Pickachu” music video. In the clip, the deejay controversially dusts off his cigarette in the mouth of a female on set.

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While seemingly popular, the visuals has sparked fresh debate on how women are viewed within Dancehall.

The scene has since been called out by Women’s Rights activist Nadeen Spence, who labeled it as “callous.”

“As yuh look pan dat, you can see that it is a matter of valuing self. An ashtray is where you put cigarette waste so dat mean the woman nuh value much and yuh nuh respect her. Yuh basically say mi nuh have no ratings fi yuh, a use mi use yuh mouth as mi ashtray,” she said.

Spence would go on to criticize the direction of Dancehall music over the last few years.

“A large part of entertainment now is about shock value and not so much about promoting something that is fun. It’s about how yuh get someone to talk about this, it’s not entertainment. That action is crude, it’s crass and it nuh have no artistic representation inna it. It just callous.”

Renown sexologist Shelly-Ann Weeks also echoed similar sentiments but argued it was a broader society issue.

“We are focusing on a music video when the whole problem is that we live in a society that does not see women as full human beings. We see them as objects and in this particular case, she is an ashtray,” she argued.

Intence is yet to comment on the topic with the backlash doing little to slow down the track. “Pickachu” currently sits seventh on the local tending list with over 617,000 views on YouTube.

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