Distasteful ! Dancehall Females artiste are speaking up about sexual exploitation in the music industry.

Some female entertainers are becoming increasingly vocal about sexual exploitation within the industry.

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“It’s becoming the norm,” says recording artiste Shuga. “It’s almost like a natural thing, like you expect people to ask you for sex, and if they don’t ask, you’re wondering, what’s the trick?”

The 2009 Digicel Rising Stars winner is one of several to recently speak up on the sensitive topic.

According to Shuga, many male figures seek sexual favours from females in return for career enhancement. Those guilty of this often include fellow male artistes, managers, DJs, and producers.

“It happened to me … I can say I’m a victim,” she admits.

The singer recalls hooking up with a popular figure in the business after moving to Kingston. She says she never harbored any feelings for the man but he positioned himself as the ‘savior’ of her career.

“I feel like I was somewhat manipulated,” she told The Star.

The Reggae singer also gave a reason why she believed more females have not addressed the issue publicly.

“Sometimes yuh mek some silly mistakes and when you finally wake up and realise, yuh nuh want nobody know ‘bout dat. And then the public is so harsh. So a lot of people don’t want to come and talk about stuff because they know the end result isn’t always nice.”

Singer Sophia Brown also echoed these claims.

“Most are pressured to go this way, and sometimes they don’t end up coming out on top of their game. And that’s what makes it so sad in terms of what we as women in this business are trying to accomplish,” she said.

Veteran manager Julian Jones Griffith also acknowledged the issue but maintains he has also kept it professional.

“I am aware that many people who purport to wanting to work with female artistes have ulterior motives.”

Griffith, who manages Jada Kingdom, recalls her reaction after he told her he only wanted to protect her brand.

“The first time I said that to Jada she sneered and said: ‘So all a dem say.” So I knew it was something she had experienced many times. I think you have to just walk it like you talk it, and gradually foster a relationship that’s more like a family atmosphere, so the artiste feels extremely comfortable and secure.”

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