Foota Hype has no legal status in the United States and has chosen to remain in custody.

The Dancehall selector Oneil “Foota Hype” Thomas, has willingly remained in custody rather than return to his homeland, Jamaica.

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Foota is currently being detained at the Krome Service Processing Center in Florida. The disc jock has chosen to remain in custody in order to fight his immigration case.

“He has no status at this time in terms of a document that allows him entry to the US,” sources claim. “He could return to Jamaica at any time, but he prefers to stay and put his case before the court.”

Foota’s legal team has requested additional time to resolve his immigration issues.

According to sources, Foota’s immigration issues stem from his marriage being dissolved before his permanent residency was approved.

“He got married and applied for his green card. However, before his green card status was finalized, he got divorced,” they revealed.

Foota Hype was detained on December 14, after arriving at the Port Everglades Seaport aboard the Independence of the Seas from Falmouth, Jamaica.

He was held by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement for further review of his travel documents and admissibility status.

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