Govana is showing his depth with the release of his debut album Humans and Monsters are Not The Same.

The Dancehall superstar is showing another side to his lyrical prowess as he tackles several issues on his 14-track album.

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The project features a mixture of current hits as well as fresh tracks. It sees the deejay showcasing his growth in the industry, covering a range of topics.

Govana launched the album last Wednesday at the MECA (Market Place Entertainment Centre For Arts) on Constant Spring Road.

The deejay spoke on several of the topics he covers on the album, including our addictions to smartphones.

“This a just something me did really wah guh into, where society reach a place where if something happens to somebody instead of we as humans helping them, a bay picture and video. This a even one a mi concerns when it come on to even stage show, the crowd nuh really stay suh again a just bay light yuh a see fi get the fawud,” he explained.

“To how people get trick by social media and feel hurried and feel rushed, a man pon the gram a flass and yuh think mi need fi flass and done off the wul a me money. Like this is mental slavery, like people still trapped mentally,” the deejay continued.

Since its release, the album has met with favorable reviews, with many fans praising the deejay’s growth on the project.

According to Govana, the project was very personal to him as he wanted to showcase another side.

“It’s not just about the girls’ songs, it’s not just about the jump up ting. This whole effort is about holding a medz and holding a vibe. When dem hear it dem can see seh Govana is not only about the girls dem and giving joke and all dat, this is a message album,” he said.

The album noticeably did not feature many collaborations, with the only contributors being Dre Island, Tarrus Riley and Protoje.

Govana has been on the entertainment scene for the past ten years, first donning the moniker Deablo. The deejay’s big break came in 2016 with the smash hit “Gyal Clown.”

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