Jahvillani could possibly be popping rubbabands till 20135 !

According to Wikipedia Dancehall artiste Jahvillani may have a few more coins than you thought. He took to Instagram earlier this week to post a screenshot saying he was worth over $107 million.

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The webpage claims that the 24-year-old deejay earned his mammoth wealth from his musical profession.

It is interesting to note that such a figure would actually place Jahvillani as one of the richest entertainers in the world. He would be not too far off from stars such as Drake, who boasts a $150 million net worth.

However, it seems fans are not actually buying into the hype, with many pointing out that anyone can edit a Wikipedia page.

“Y’all do ppl edit sh*t on Wikipedia right? That’s why you can’t quote from them on any major papers 😂” one fan jested. Another fan also quickly shot down the claim saying, “Correction: “Jahvillani’s Net Worth Goal” 👀”

The comments did not stop there as another fan said “I think he’s just putting what he wished it was because he’s not on Forbes and 107 million Jamaican dollars is 788 thousand U.S 💀💀”

It is most likely that Jahvillani was just having fun with fans, but in any case, it is always best to speak positive things into existence.

Jahvillani has been enjoying a very fruitful year so far, with several new hits including “Rubberband” and “Sunday To Sunday.”

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