Koffee just keeps shining a positive light on the island of Jamaica.

The Grammy-winning Reggae superstar continues to be a beacon of light wherever she goes. This time she is being praised for her representation of Jamaica on Nick Cannon’s popular Wild ‘N Out show.

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The “Toast” star took over the stage as she performed and taught the cast some popular Jamaican dance moves.

The entire set was a tribute to the Jamaican culture, with flags posted all over the studio. It was a high energy and fun-filled episode which included different activities inspired by Jamaica and its people.

Koffee made her way to the stage draped in the Jamaican flag, representing the black team on the night, while Nick captained the Red team.

The teenaged star wowed the audience as she had the cast showing out their best Jamaican accents. Later she would demonstrate a sequence of Jamaican dance moves including the Dutty Wine and the Flairy.

Since the episode was aired on Tuesday, Flairy dance creator, Silent Ravaz, has expressed gratitude that his move was featured.

“Me love the show and me love the fact say dem have a whole Jamaican set but I was looking to see one a mi bredda dem dance, not mine. So I was really surprised but happy at the same time,” he said. “It just goes to show that the work can’t stop right yah so because the thing global. We affi continue and find a new one.”

The dancer also had special praised for Koffee on her representation of Jamaica.

“Mi love weh she a do fi di Jamaican culture. She’s in a league of her own right now and me glad how she represent,” he said.

The dancer’s sentiments were also echoed by Raver head honcho Ding Dong who praised the teenaged star.

“She really do her thing and me rate how she just go and represent Jamaica. It feels good to know that something you’re part of continues to impact the world. Big up Silent Ravaz cuz a him create the dance,” he told The Star.

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