Macka Diamond has unveiled a new look and persona.

The veteran female entertainer has unveiled a new ‘granny’ persona which she will incorporate into her future performances.

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On Thursday Macka sent tongues wagging as she teased her new ‘granny’ persona, which she calls ‘Mackadocious.’

Macka took to Instagram to post a clip dressed as an older woman, complete with ‘grandma attire’ and wrinkles.

According to Macka Diamond, the new look is an effort to please fans that frequently criticize her age. She says she is simply presenting the image her detractors seem to have of her.

“A ready me ready now fi run out and look how dem wah me look. Dem get me going now because me a go show dem say me still hot all when me old up mi self,” she said.

“A diss dem did want so a diss dem a go get and it nah go stop me from run out and shell show because me talent nuh inna me looks.”

The 49-year-old entertainer has been frequently criticized by some fans who claim she is too old for Dancehall. This was re-emphasized by one user’s comment who declared “Finally, she dress her age.”

However, the deejay says she remains unbothered by the negative comments, as her career is still doing well.

“Me still a get bookings and me show dem still a sell off and most importantly, me still a inspire people fi check dem self and start live a healthier lifestyle. If me did a listen to haters, me wouldn’t reach nowhere,” she said.

Despite the negative, Macka says she has also received a lot of encouragement from fans too.

“But if me ever make yuh hear some voicenote weh me get from people a encourage me nuffi listen the haters, yuh woulda surprise. So more people out deh a say good dan bad. Dem feel like dem win me but I’m good, I’m doing me.”

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