QQ has expressed disappointment following the removal of his Vise Grip music video from YouTube.

The raunchy visuals were removed from the streaming platform just one day after its release. According to QQ, he believes the video was reported by someone, and after review, YouTube decided it violated its guidelines.

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“I don’t know who, but I know for sure that it was reported. Maybe it was someone who didn’t like the video or someone who don’t wanna see QQ doing that, or QQ progressing,” he speculated.

However, the deejay says he remains puzzled to the exact reasons for video’s removal as he and his team carefully went through all of the platform’s rules with a fine-tooth comb before uploading.

“After they reviewed it, they felt that it was strong sexual content. I appealed the decision, told them I went through their guidelines, and it said to age restrict the video which we did,” he said.

“We also reviewed probably seven other videos that had strong sexually suggestive content, videos that were worse than ours, and we basically said that to them and they just rejected the appeal,” the artiste continued.

Despite the setback, the 25-year-old entertainer says he is remaining optimistic about the song’s potential, revealing that it is already doing well in Canada and the United States and catching on in Jamaica.

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