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Quada’s attorney, Bert Samuels, told popular local media houses that his client is in good spirits even as he awaits a court date to see if he’ll be granted bail.

“We were trying for tomorrow (today) for a date but we’re not sure if that will happen. We’re going to apply for bail and whether or not that is granted is up to the judge,” he said. “He’s in very good spirits because he is confident in his attorney and the justice system. We have a very good defence and we’re hoping that he’ll be granted bail.”

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Samuels added that he and his team have already begun strategising to figure out the way forward in the case, but could not give any details as the latter was confidential.

As news of Quada’s arrest and charge continue to spread islandwide, social media has been calling for his release.

They have been labelling Quada’s actions, if guilty, as jungle justice working at its best. Most users have been expressing that since the man the deejay allegedly killed was said to have been involved in the rape and murder of a child, Quada did the world a great deal of good by eliminating him.

“Dem did want the rapist free? Nobody shouldn’t do nothin bout it? Man a rape eight-year-old and police nah do nothing bout it then when people do something, unu quick fi arrest dem,” one of the comments on Instagram read.

“Free Quada, a civil service fe kill rape boy. Uno fe give di ‘G’ a medal,” another read.

Some users even blasted the Jamaica Constabulary Force for pointing out that had they done their jobs in trying to secure justice for young Shantae, civilians would not have felt the need to take matters into their own hands.

“Sad to see that the actual justice enforcers of the nation are so completely useless, di citizen dem haffi take it up ina them own hand,” one user wrote on Instagram.

We got in contact with Annalecia ‘Squid’ Sutherland, Popcaan’s sister and Quada’s acting manager, she had only this to say “jah know, me weak.

Update Your Friends
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