While the world is shaking it seems Sean Paul will be home drinking beer?

The Coronavirus has practically brought the world to its knees, with everyone rushing to prepare for the pandemic. People everywhere, including celebrities, have been bunkering down and stocking up on essentials.

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Since the disease hit Jamaican shores there has been a rush to buy products such as sanitizers and food essentials. Supermarkets are literally being emptied by persons looking to stock up on things of need.

However, Dancehall superstar Sean Paul’s preparation list may come as a hilarious surprise to many.

According to Sean Paul’s wife, Jodi Jinx, she asked him to grab the necessary items to prepare for the disaster. However, it seems Sean Paul’s essential list is completely different than most would imagine.

Instead of grabbing weeks worth of sanitary items and food the entertainer oddly grabbed just the bare minimum.

Jodi took to Twitter to share the hilarious situation with her fans saying, “I’m in the states and call sean to wake him up to get a the essentials and get groceries. Sean gets 2 bottles of bleach, beer and pumpkin.”

Fans quickly took to social media to have their say on Sean’s shopping list, with many actually praising the star.

“Cream of pumpkin soup, beer for hydration.. bleach to disinfect .. the man is brilliant” one fan declared. Another fan promptly added, “Bleach Fi kill Di germs, Beer Fi calm nerves, Pumpkin Fi satday (or any day)soup, Everyting cris.”

However, not all fans found the situation as hilarious, as some expressed concern over the lack of food items.

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