On March 29, singer Ce’Cile will release Music + Magic, her sixth studio album. It is the follow up to her 2016 effort Diary of a Journey.

Music + Magic was produced by Ce’Cile (vocal production, lyrical content and lyrics were solely written by her), while Dale ‘Dizzle’ Virgo worked on music production. Anju Blaxx of UIM and Jason ‘J Vibe’ Farmer mixed the tracks.

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‘For a long time I’ve been out of love with music, and when I did it, it just wasn’t coming from my authentic space. I wanted to go back to creating music that I personally loved and would listen to, because sometimes I don’t listen to my own stuff’, said Ce’Cile.

She continued,‘My best days of music were when I wasn’t thinking about making money from it and I wasn’t doing what the fans wanted or what I thought they wanted to hear. I was more focused on sharing my creativity’.

Ce’Cile shared the reason why she decided to produce her own music.

‘I wanted to own my masters just like I did when I started music back in the day, working with Skatta Burrell.  I also wanted to make music that had a longer shelf life. I also tried to create new sounds and remind people that I actually am one of the first females in modern dancehall to produce my music and own my work’.

Music + Magic has twelve songs. They are No More, Plans, Worthy (the first single, which is available on all digital platforms), Nah Let Go, Common, Respect, Don’t Love You, Beautiful, Man, Beg, Magic and Every Day.

She spoke about the album’s title.

‘I wanted a name that would still make perfect sense 30 years from now, I didn’t want anything dated. I was initially going to call it magic only, but they told me there were many albums by that name, so I added the music.  Additionally, the process of the “creation” for me was sometimes magical’, said Ce’Cile.

Ce’Cile says she has evolved musically since her last album.

‘There were some great tracks on my last album Diary of a Journey but I wasn’t in a good space to promote it.   I also tried the Ce’Cile the Band project, that was tied into that album, and that fell through. I realise it’s very difficult for me to work with people that do not have the shared visions’.

Music + Magic is on Ce’Cile’s label 1Rock. Onerpm will distribute it.

Stream lead single ‘Worthy’ Below

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