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One of the masterpieces of Fatis Burrell’s vast Xterminator catalog is Cocoa Tea’s 1993 hit “Good Life.”

Recently included on Walshy Fire’s Riddimentary Selection and in a Jenille Brown animation, the song is a staple on reggae radio and during any DJs vintage 1990s juggling selection.

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The backing track is an update of one of the evergreen riddims of the rocksteady/early reggae era, the Heptones’ “Party Time.”

When VP released the track in 1993 on an Xterminator 12-inch single, the release also included an alternate vocal mix, plus a dub mix featuring Sly & Robbie and the Fire House Crew.

VP released the tracks digitally for the first-time last month. The dub version can be found on Apple Music’s influential Crucial Roots playlist, add them to yours!

Stream “Good Life” here:

Update Your Friends
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