Wounded is a collection of songs that appeal to new-generation Dancehall lovers who enjoy music about girls, street life and life lessons.

Intence’s previously released “Intence vs. Tashawn” earned 1.5M views on YouTube while his two-week old song “Watchya Watchya” has racked 225K views on the platform. Fans continue to offer encouragement to the artist with stamps of approval for his releases

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Born October 3rd, 1995, Intence was inspired to be in the music business by his Father Stephen “Axe” Gabbidon who also was an artist known as “Daddy Axe.” He owned a sound system called “Solo Passion” and changed it to “Category 5.”

Originally from the Tavern community in Kingston, Jamaica, the young star attended Mona High School. Today, Intence enjoys his status in mainstream Dancehall as a high-volume performing artist. Releasing multiple singles, often on a weekly basis has helped to maintain his tenure in the spotlight and the genre’s landscape.

From the concrete toughness of Kingston, Jamaica, the lyrical entertainer’s recipe for right lyrics, right riddim, sheer skill and creativity has awarded him success amongst his fans. His very distinct imagery – both in dress and on screen distinguishes him from others in the genre.

Fans can stream “Intence vs Tashawn” here:

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